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MS SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit

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MS SQL Server 2000 Service Pack3a

MS Web Data Administrator (Web Tool für MSDE 2000)

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KB243218 - Installation order for SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on Microsoft Cluster Server

MSDE Links

KB283811 - Change the SQL Server or SQL Server Agent Service Account Without Using SQL Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2000

KB814461 - SQL Server 2000 SQL Check Utility

KB285097 - How to Change the Default Login Authentication Mode to SQL While Installing SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine by Using Windows Installer

KB329329 - Windows Server 2003 Support for SQL Server 2000

KB315083 - SQL Server Desktop Engine 2000 Setup Fails When It Registers Performance Monitor Counters

KB322336 - Verify and Change the MSDE System Administrator Password

KB311762 - How to Identify Which MSI File Was Used for an Existing MSDE Installation

KB320873 - Manually Remove a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Instance

KB325003 - Manage the SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) by Using the Osql Utility

KB317328 - Troubleshoot a SQL Server Desktop Engine 2000 Installation and Upgrade